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Exhibition June 2023

Home -Thuis

Sint-Jan Evangelistkerk, Kerkstraat, 3080 Tervuren, Belgium

Friday 23 June, 9-17h - Vernissage at 15h30

Saturday 24 June, 9-17h

Sunday 25 June, 13-17h


I was in Hong Kong in the summer of 2019 and witnessed the start of the protests.  Like in other countries such as France, during the protests the police sprayed protesters with a blue liquid to better identify and apprehend them. The colour blue has imposed itself on me: my world has become blue. It is in reference to these episodes that I chose to use the old photographic technique of cyanotype and its typical cyan blue colour, for my work evoking these events.  To use photography is for me to capture the moment of life's movement, like water flowing in the river is held back by a massive rock.  Back in Europe, I started my project: "My world turns blue". The exhibition “Home" presents a selection of these works. It includes two series initially created for an installation at Sint Jozef’s church in Moorsel, during the period of Lent and Easter 2023: “Chemin de Crois” and “Dawn”.


- Angela Grelet, June 2023, Tervuren


Tervuren Sketchers

Sint-Jozef kerk, Moorselstraat 203, 3080 Tervuren, Belgium

12 & 19 September 2023 - exhibition on 19 September


Information to follow

October, December 2023

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